West London Branch Hounslow established: 2009 A.D

Charity Registered Number: 1126656




TW14 9LE

Date: 09.07.2012


Ref: a. MAUKWLB quarterly meeting dated 17 Mar 2012

b. MAUKWLB Composition of Headset Team dated 24 April 2012

c. Telephone discussion and verbal message passed to Members Didibahinis by individual committee members

1. Aamas Samuha

As discussed in MAUKWLB quarterly meeting dated 17 Mar 12, Aama Samuha establishment in the WLB Hounslow and it surrounding area was agreed. I hope every member get this information from Mrs Maiya Rana didi,Mrs Parbati Pun Baini and WLB Committee members by verbally and phone calls. I hoped that initial verbal discussion within the all interested Didi Bahinies by now. It will be initial discussed with committee members at the end of Jul or first week of Aug 2012 and again and in WLB AGM/Summer get together on 01 Sept 2012. Every member is requested to pass the message to other members so that everyone will become aware of this Ladies committee first step. Hope fully every members and family will support this motion.

If any young star interested to do some volunteer work it might be discussion WLB youth team as well.

2. Meeting

Upcoming meeting will be held as per the following details.
Ladies committee’s discuses. (If there is an agreement by all, the committee will be made)
Summer get together detail and task by V/Sec Tej Pun /volunteer
Karma Kanda by Sec Bom Thapa
Date : Sun 29 july 2012
Time: 1100
Venu: Ex-servicemen club, 178 Blenhein Park, Bedfond, Feltham

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WLB2ND GA 1/2016                                                                                                            Date: 16/01/2016

Notice for 2nd Grand Assembly Election Commissioner from Nov 2015 to Jul 2016

HOUNSLOW WLB second Grand Assembly will be held in July 2016 at Feltham Community College, according to the HOUNSLOW West London Branch 3rd Edition Constitution chapter 11 Section (b) and chapter12 Section (d) for conducting election. The MAUK WLB HOUNSLOW composition of executive Committee Meeting held on 29 November 2015, from which the executive Committee has selected following election Commissioner:

Note: The 2nd Grand Assembly future correspondents will updated in branch website via


Original signed					Original signed
Mr Tej Bahadur Sherpuja				Mr Tek Bahadur Rana
Chairman Secretary

हालै सम्पन्न मगर संघ (पश्चिम लण्डन हान्स्लो शाखा) को दोश्रो अधिबेसनमा सर्ब सम्मतबाट
अधक्ष्य जस्तो गरिवमामय पदमा मनोनित हुनू भएको श्री तेज शेर्पुजा पुन लगाएत सम्पूर्ण
कार्य समितिलाइ बधाई ज्ञापन गर्दै सफल कार्यकालको लागि हार्दिक सुभ कामना !!!   - दोश्रो ग्रान्ड एस्सेम्ब्ली चुनाब समिति २०१६ साथै सम्पूर्ण सदस्यहरु