Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that we have officially been named as “MAGAR ASSOCIATION WEST LONDON BRANCH (MAWLB)” from the 14February 2009. On behalf of our Community, we would like to welcome all magars to join the Community, who are living in West London (London Borough of Hounslow and its surrounding). The Membership Register Fee is £5 and Annual Membership Fee is £10 only.

The Membership Card will be issued by the Central Committee of Magar Association of UK (UKMA), therefore, all members, who joined Magar Association West London Branch (MAWLB), will be the permanent members of the UKMA.  Members may transfer to any UKMA branches, if they are moving from one location to another and have full privilege of the Association.

The main aim of the community is to unite and help amongst ourselves in good and bad times in order to preserve the Magar culture and traditions. 

“MAGAR ASSOCIATION WEST LONDON” will purely be for non profitable purposes, which are always ready to serve, to those who need helps in difficult circumstances.

Please pass on this message to your friends and family and encourage them of our wider motto. We personally request you all to join the community sooner rather than later. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all those involved, especially those who committed to make our community a great successful.

Best wishes